Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 20 Sexiest German Girls

What’s up guys? I was away in a short trip to Germany for a couple of days with a friend of mine and… that’s why we haven’t posted anything here in the first days of the week. So… I’ve decided it would be fair to share some thoughts about ze Germans and, of course, we’ve also thought it would be great post a list with the hottest German babes in our opinion. I’m sure that’s exactly what you wonder when you think of Germany, right?
Germans have great beer, great cars, great roads, pretty great cities, awful language but they speak English with a funny accent and… pretty damn ugly chicks. Yeah, that’s the ugly truth. Where the heck were the hotties? I’ve always imagined a crazy Oktoberfest night in Germany with a lot of beer and extremely hot big-boobed women but… I was pretty disappointed with the girls I’ve seen these days.
I was in a medium-sized city from Bavaria and I was out most of the time but I don’t know if I’ve seen ten hotties in two days. It was a sort of holiday or something these days because most of the shops were closed too and maybe that’s why I haven’t seen too many sexy girls out. Maybe they were at home, learning to cook something for me. That would be great.
Anyway, as soon as I came back I wanted to see what’s up with the German hotness and I’ve found quite a lot of girls with the right looks for this list with the Top 20 Sexiest German Girls. Enjoy!

20. Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer

Jennifer Sebnem Schaefer 1
Jennifer Sebnem Schaefer 2

19. Collien Fernandes

Collien Fernandes 1
Collien Fernandes 2
Collien Fernandes 3

18. Julia Stegner

Julia Stegner 1
Julia Stegner 2

17. Verona Pooth

Verona Pooth 1

Verona Pooth 2

16. Alexandra Kamp

Alexandra Kamp 1
Alexandra Kamp 2

15. Romina Becks

Romina Becks 1
Romina Becks 2

14. Mandy Capristo

Mandy Capristo 1
Mandy Capristo 2

13.  Gina-Lisa Lohfink

Gina-Lisa Lohfink 1
Gina-Lisa Lohfink 2

12. Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke 1
Lena Gercke 2

11. Jeanette Biedermann

Jeanette Biedermann 1
Jeanette Biedermann 2

10. Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger 1
Diane Kruger 2

9. Janine Habeck

Janine Habeck 1
Janine Habeck 2

8. Fiona Erdmann

Fiona Erdmann 1
Fiona Erdmann 2

7. Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer 1
Claudia Schiffer 2
Claudia Schiffer 3
Claudia Schiffer 4
Claudia Schiffer 5
(she used to be my favorite German babe but now that she’s older her beauty faded a bit)

6. Susan Sideropoulos

Susan Sideropoulos 1
Susan Sideropoulos 2
Susan Sideropoulos 3

5. Sarah Brandner

Sarah Brandner 1
Sarah Brandner 2
Sarah Brandner 3
Sarah Brandner 4

4. Florentine Lahme

Florentine Lahme 1
Florentine Lahme 3
Florentine Lahme 4
Florentine Lahme 5
Florentine Lahme 6

3. Hana Nitsche

Hana Nitsche 1
Hana Nitsche 2
Hana Nitsche 3
Hana Nitsche 4
Hana Nitsche 5
Hana Nitsche 6

2. Eva Padberg

Eva Padberg 1
Eva Padberg 2
Eva Padberg 3
Eva Padberg 4
Eva Padberg 5
Eva Padberg 6
Eva Padberg 7
Eva Padberg 8

1. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum 1
Heidi Klum 2
Heidi Klum 3
Heidi Klum 4
Heidi Klum 5
Heidi Klum 6
Heidi Klum 7
Heidi Klum 8
Heidi Klum 9
Heidi Klum 10
Heidi Klum 11
Heidi Klum 12
Heidi Klum 13
Heidi Klum 14
Heidi Klum 15

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