Monday, March 7, 2011

The Taj West End Hotel

The Taj West End Hotel

The Taj West End Hotel

Step inside The Taj West End and enter the warm atmosphere of a relaxed Indian luxury hotel with the comforts of home - perfect for travelers in search of a unique getaway.

Staying at The Taj West End is like stepping back in time ... to 1887, perhaps, when Bangalore was a British cantonment and all families owned a part of the city's gardens. This historic and stately colonial property is now in the care of the Indian Hotels Company Limited, and has a fantastic sense of classic style and modern hospitality.

Tucked away in Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka, The Taj West End's 20 acres of magnificent gardens invite guests to wander throughout them. Fishing, rock-climbing, hiking, and visits to nearby attractions are also available. Your dining experience here will always be distinctly Indian - in flavor and inspiration.

Accommodations range from private luxury rooms and The Taj Club Room, to exquisite Suites. High ceilings and long Louvre windows can be found throughout The Heritage Wing, where guests can expect a Maharaja style welcome, and breakfast under a 150 year old rain tree.


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