Monday, March 21, 2011

Hotel Hofgut Hafnerleiten

he Hofgut Hafnerleiten Hotel is based on the model of the lower bavarian landscape with its strewn settlements. Six new constructions are part of the hotel as well, arranged in the existing topographie in a very decent and unostentatious way. Their plain perception and formal simplicity is derived from the image of small wooden heybarns, that come accross the local landscape.

The facade of the buildings was made with a vertical larch lathing, a local construction material creating a grey patina within time. Contrasting images were an important design issue when forming the facade layer – wide openings versus closeness – generated by the interior reqirements.

Each construction has an own appearance, depending on the surrounding. Guests have seven individual residences to choose from. The expansive and luxurious cottages are perfect retreats for lovers, wedding guests, seminar participants or anyone seeking rest and relaxation.  And the beautiful surroundings are simply inspiring. The hotel also organizes cooking classes, barista seminars and plenty of activities. Every morning, at a time of your choosing, there is  a breakfast basket to your door. In the evening, join around the family table for a meal with true Mediterranean flair.  Tariffs for the residences remain the same, year round. The exceptional interior concepts are tricking the visitors habits creating an adventurous sojourn. The design of the surrounding landscape and the architectural shaping of the huts exterior spaces was accompanied by landscape architect Wolfgang Wagenhauser. There you won’t be disturbed by radios, cell phones or televisions…..Location: Bad Birnbach, Germany.

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