Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hot or Not: Girls with a lot of tattoos?

Hot Girls With Tats
Tattoos are pretty damn popular nowadays. People from all over the world, from nearly every cultural background, are using them as a way to identify themselves to the world and I think that’s pretty cool as well. An awesome tattoo could make you even more interesting but when you have too many it’s just weird. But that’s just me.
Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Jane Clement are just a few celebrity hotties I can think of right now with really sweet tats that add a great accent to their already attractive bodies. But they all have only a couple of tattoos.
Now… some of you probably heard of Kat Von D, that girl with LA Ink. She’s pretty sexy as well but she has just waaay too many tats. I’ve seen a photoshopped photo with her a couple of months ago where they got rid of all her tattoos and she was like… 100 times sexier. I definitely wanted to tap that but the real version full with tattoos is just a bit too much for me.
So the question is… are girls with a lot of tattoos hot or not?

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