Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hot Girls Wearing NFL Jerseys. That’s All.

Since we’re just three days away of the Super Bowl XLV, we thought we’d give you a quick little tribute to hot girls wearing NFL Jerseys. That sounds just like the right thing to watch before super bowl, eh? Sports and women are probably the two best things ever created and two of the biggest hobbies of every man.
To make men even happier, these two had to be combined by having women wear sport jerseys. There is just something incredibly attractive about a girl rocking the jersey of your favorite team. It’s said that women can’t resist a man in uniform and the same applies for men too. It’s just that our uniform features polyester mesh.
So, there you go bros, here’s a collection of pics with many sexy girls totally rocking NFL jerseys. Enjoy and.. may the best team win over the weekend.

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