Monday, March 14, 2011

Goldenkey Hotel

The Goldenkey is a 41-room hotel situated at an altitude of 2000 metres in the ski resort of Kartalkaya in Turkey. The hotel features two restaurants, a cafe, lobby, children’s playroom, lounges, SPA and ski room. Due to the fact that alpine architecture predominates in this region, the construction of the hotel is a modern interpretation of the classic alpine house. The whole building is separated hree wings set around an inner garden, and positioned so as to take maximum advantage of daylight and the view of the Koroglu mountains.

Each room has been created with a different approach. The changing relationship between interior and exterior, varying according to the different movements of the person inside the room, gave rise to a playful exterior facade. The hotel also includes two storey suites designed in the loft style, generously proportioned family suites, and a two storey loft with a private jacuzzi commanding a view. By positioning the rooms with respect to the view and the different window forms, visitors are made to feel as if they were staying in a different room every time they come.

The hotel has been designed as a boutique hotel, allowing for possible future changes to ensure that the structure has the capacity for self-renewal. In addition this is also an area of first degree earthquake risk, the need for a short construction period due to weather conditions, and a restricted budget.

The hotel has been awarded the Best Prefabricated Concrete Building Prize for the 2006-2008 construction period in Turkey. The natural materials in the interior spaces, the oak floorboards and the wooden panelling lending warmth to every part of the hotel. On the other hand the raw concrete and metal load-bearing elements have been left bare so that the hotel’s architecture and interior design share a complete conceptual coherence.


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