Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nandan (MD & CEO, Infosys)

Nandan (MD & CEO, Infosys) is Rich today. His Wealth is in excess of Rs.3000 Crores today which fluctuates with the share prices of Infosys. Nandan was paid Rs.40 lakhs salary last year – and bill no expenses to the company. Nandan’s family has received Rs.66 Cores as Dividends. Plus there is the Rs.392 Crores from sale of shares through 2 ADR offerings. Along with his wife Rohini, Nandan spends Crores of rupees each year behind Philanthropic activities. When Rohini earned Rs.100 Crores from Infosys’s ADR issue, she put it into an Educational Foundation she runs.

Nandan says that, “i really don’t have many expensive tastes. I have more money than I will ever need. My Children will not join the Company and I believe in the middle-class tradition that they should earn a living themselves.”
So what am I going to do with the money? Leave it to charity when I die? In that case, why not use it to do some good while I am alive?”
Mr. Nandan of course you can use your hard earned money in charity and can bring smiles and comfort on the faces of needy people, but can you really give these people employment at present in your high profile organization? But you can create jobs or such factors from which fresher graduates and post graduates like us that are from non engineering background can benefit and can add-on a slab of employed people in the current status of Indian economy and employment statistics. Growing Indian economy and creating wealth and founding Charitable trusts will not do enough to serve India but it will be achieved by creating jobs and decreasing unemployment to zero-0% (percent).

I’m really very sorry to all the people whom I might have caused pain and might have hurt their sentiments, but what else can I do to tell you that we are also one of the Indian students who are working hard to achieve something in our lives but are just stepped away from entrance just because we are from a non-technical background and have no experience.

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