Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Contents go to Auction

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Contents go to Auction

Some time ago we reported on Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch saga. Will it be sold, will some one buy it and give it back, will it be torn down? Who knows. But if you are interested, the contents of the house are going to be auctioned off in April at the Beverly Hilton.
Julien’s Auctions offer the contents under the heading:

King of Pop: a Once in a Lifetime Auction Featuring

The Personal Property of

Michael Jackson


Apparently some of the proceeds will go to charity. The auction house is also selling a five catalogue box set for $100 a piece. Not that I know anything about these things, but I would hazard a guess this is a pretty good investment. The contents include, amongst other oddities, a stretch Rolls Royce, a collection of jewel-encrusted clothing, a larger-than-life superman figure and some children’s toys. No comment.

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