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Interesting Questions about Ratan Tata

Interesting Questions about Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is my most favourite Person. However, there are lots of mysterious and unanswered questions about Ratan Tata. Here are the few commonest unanswered questions about Mr.Ratan Tata. I am sure that you MUST have thought about these questions also.

Why Ratan Tata is not the Richest person?

TATA Group has 96 Companies out of which 28 Businesses are publically listed. And no other Business in this world is this much diversified. Even Reliance Group as a whole has much less annual revenue than the TATA Group. Than how come Ratan Tata is not the Richest Person?

Well, this is because all the Tata Group Companies are owned by the key Tata Group Company – TATA Sons and the 66% of the TATA Sons is in various Charitable Organizations promoted by TATA Group among which JRD Tata Trust and Sir Ratan Tata Trust are the top most.

Thus, the 66% bulk of TATA Sons ownership is owned by various TATA Group Charitable organizations and not by Ratan Tata. And that’s why he is not the richest person on the earth “On paper”. If we consider all of this stake on his own Financial Statement than definitely he would be the richest person of the world.

Why Ratan Tata is not a Billionaire?

The same reason as above. The 66% ownership of TATA Sons – the key holding company of TATA Empire is not owned by Ratan Tata but is owned by various Tata group charitable organizations and that’s why while counting the Forbes rank, this wealth is not considered as the wealth of Ratan Tata legally.

Which are the names of Dogs of Ratan Tata?

Well he has 2 Alsatian dogs – Tango and Tito

Why Ratan Tata is not married? / Why Ratan Tata is Never Married?

We don’t know that Why Ratan Tata is never married. It is his personal life and we should not interfere with it. Many people have a false belief that Ratan Tata has adopted children. But this is also not the Truth.

How Much Wealth Do the Tata Trusts Have?

Nobody can accurately predict it. To accurately claim the wealth of anyone, we need the Financial statement of that person of financial entity. We don’t have Financial statements of Ratan Tata trusts so we cannot say that how much wealth is has.

What is the Valuation of TATA Sons? – Tata Sons Total Net Worth

Only the God knows. Because it is not the publically listed entity. So we don’t have any financial statements available on the quarterly basis nor they are required to disclose their financial statement to the public. We can have Financial statements of 28 Publically listed entities of TATA Sons such as TCS, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Indian Hotels (Taj), Tata Tea, Tata Chemicals, Tata Tele…etc… But we can’t get any idea about Tata Sons.
66% of Tata Sons is owned by various Tata group charitable organizations and 18% is owned by a media silent, low profile Indian Billionaire Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry who is now the Irish Citizen and recently divided this stake to 9-9% among his 2 sons. He is also known as the “Phantom of Bombay House”.

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