Thursday, February 17, 2011

France’s First Lady Sells Italian Castle to Saudi Prince

Carla Bruni, France’s first lady has just sold the family castle in Turino, Italy to an un-named Saudi prince. The middle eastern oil producers do seem intent on buying up not only the world’s banks, but the world’s finest real estate. After months of negotiation, the final sale price was E9 million ($11.5 million). The castle was jointly owned by three Bruni-Tedeschi women – Carla, Marisa and Valeria and the gossip is that the proceeds are to be split equally between the three ladies. The castle has not really been used by the family in recent years and the last time was to celebrate the marriage of Carla to President Sarkosy. The “Mother in law of France,” Carla’s mother said, “So now we have finished with Castagneto Po And who was there any more? Of course, I am sorry, even my best friends said that her garden was better than dell’Eliseo.”
Not to mention the recent financial issues facing them – the contents of the house, including many 18th century pieces, were auctioned off at Sotheby’s  in London recently and raised E10.6 million which was placed in a trust in honor of Virginio, Carla’s uncle who died prematurely in 2006.
Carla Bruni herself is not what one might expect from a first lady if one happens to be American.An ex-super model, she has dated many famous men in the past, including Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius. A nude photograph of the lady sold recently at auction for $91,000, so she obviously has some talents. And tempted as I was to add a slide show of the photos in question, here are some of the Italian castle instead. If you would like to see the other sort of photo, visit here.

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