Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wealth 101: Allocate Time, Money & Energy

Wealth 101: Allocate Time, Money & Energy
If you want to become wealthy than you have to allocate 3 precious elements in such a manner that they combinely grow your wealth. Here are those 3 elements.

01) Time
02) Money &
03) Energy

Rich people are those who have perfectly allocated these 3 elements. Time comes the first. Allocating your time is more important than allocating only money. Most of the people have a false belief that, to become rich, they need money only. But it’s not true. To become rich, you need both money and time. In fact, time is more important than money.

I am talking about the time you spend behind planning your investments. Most of the people earn a lot. They work hard at their job places. They trade their time for money. And after doing a job, they become so much tired that they don’t have any time remaining for thinking about their financial planning and financial future.

So allocate your time first. Every week, allocate at least few hours for planning your Investments and managing money. Warren Buffet gives 60 hours a week behind planning and managing his wealth and that’s why he is world’s one of the richest person.

Those who regularly allocate their time, money and energy behind planning their investments will automatically grow richer than those who don’t focus these 3 elements to manage their wealth.
And that’s why I advise people not to do over time jobs to make some extra money. This is because after all, you are trading your valuable time in exchange of paycheck. Rather than that, spend this over time behind planning your investments and grow your money. This will pay you more returns in the future…!!!

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