Friday, January 21, 2011

Watch Out for the Audi A8 L

Watch Out for the Audi A8 L


It’s just two weeks into the New Year and it already looks like one of luxury and indulgence. After the launch of the Gresso iPad, Hermes Carre H watch and Armani’s gold-plated writing desk, it’s the luxury carmaker Audi's A8 L sedan that's making waves.

This luxury car will certainly not let down Audi fans. The first two versions to roll out into the market are a 4.2 litre with a V8 engine petrol version and a 3.0 litre diesel with a V6 engine. The German auto company also plans to launch a 6.0 litre version with a W12 engine that gives you 500bhp. But the luxury car will face competition from the BMW 7 series and the Mercedes S Class. The petrol version will be priced at Rs. 95 lakh and the diesel version is for Rs. 77 lakh.

The luxury Audi A8 L sedan was set to hit Indian roads on January 10.

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