Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Krishna and his philosophy

understand the difference between life with purpose 
and life as play. Someone walks a street in the
morning in order to reach somewhere, say his office. 
And the same person walks the same street
in the evening for a stroll; he does not have to reach 

Though the person is the same and
the street is the same, there is a great difference 
between the two walks. While going to the office is
an effort, a drudgery, the evening stroll is a play, a joy. 
Walking to the office he feels heavy and dull;
walking for walking’s sake he feels delight.
People like Krishna don’t live for a purpose; their 
life is like an evening stroll. Their life is just a play,
a leela. Of course, if he finds a thistle lying on the path,
he removes it, which is a different matter.
This too is part of his joyful play; he does not do so 
with a motive to earning merit. He walks for the
love of walking, but walking, he will lovingly help 
someone who has lost his way. The man should
not go away with the impression that Krishna is a t
raffic policeman deputized especially to help him.
People like Krishna don’t do things with a purpose, 
with a motive. They do not conform to the law of
cause and effect.

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