Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting Facts about Net

 1991 AUGUST 6 th : www was created by Tim Bernsley.

DEC 12th : first server started in america..

1993 APRIL23 : Browser mosaic released in market to work on windows operating systems

APRIL30 ; web was made available to all.

MAY ; first magazine on net The Tech was created by Massachussets institute of technology.

JUNE HTML -Hyper Text Markup Language was released

NOV : Web cam was created

1994 FEB ; YAHOO was created by two stanford university students David Filoo and Jerry Yang. first it was called 'Jerrys guide to world wide web'.YAHOO means Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

OCT13 ; Americal official website was started by president Bill Clinton

OCT25 ; commercial advertisements started on internet.

1995 FEB ; first radio station on internet started its 'radioHK'

JULY 1 ; ws started for the sale of books online

JULY 4 ; hotmail - email service started

AUG24 ; internet explorer was launched as a part of windows 95 operating system.

DEC 15 ; multilingual search engine alta vista started

1996 AUG ; this month world wide websites reached 3,42,081

1997 DEC 17 ; web commentator JornBorger created weblog which became Blog later on

1998 SEP ; the Google company was started in a garage in california.

FEB7 ; eight prominent websites including yahoo and cnn were closed due to hacking

2001 FEB 15 ; jimmywales released online enscyclopedia -- wikipedia..

2003 APR 28 ; apple company'itunes' started

2004 JUN ; web creator Timbernsley was given britain white hood

NOV 9 ; due to oensourcing revolution morzilla firefox was released

2006 AUG ; the total number of websites on net is 9,26,15,362,,,,,

can u guess wats this number..................

in next three years there would be this much new websites r going to start.......

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