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How to Become Rich Frequently Asked Questions Revealed

How to Become Rich Frequently Asked Questions Revealed
“How to Become Rich” is the commonest query that people search around on the internet. And getting rich is one of the biggest market on the internet. And internet marketers sell literally any thing to this get rich crowd. First of all let me tell you that which are the possible ways to get rich and successful in your life and later on we will discuss some frequently asked questions about getting rich.

You can become rich by receiving the inheritance. This is the surest way to become a rich. However, the chances of becoming rich by this way are very less. You can also become rich by lottery winning. Again the chances are very less. You can also become rich by marrying a rich spouse. But you may have to compromise lots of things for this. Another surest way to become rich is that, you become a self-employee like Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Actor..etc.. and become rich or you can become rich by getting some higher level of post in some multinational corporation.

All of the above are the various ways to become rich. Now, the following are another 2 ways by which anyone can get rich with comparatively higher probability than the above things. These 2 ways are – Business and Investments. You can either become rich by developing your own business out of scratch or become rich by doing Investments.

Now, the following are the most common FAQs about becoming rich. Read their answers carefully.

How to Become Rich man?

You can become rich by both Active (Job, Self-Employment) or Passive (Business & Investments) Income. But the main problem with the Active income is that you will have to work hard for the rest of your life to make money. The day you stop working for the money, your income will stop flowing in your pocket. However, Business and Investments are the passive income streams so you will have to work hard to develop these income streams once but once these income streams develop, even if you stop working, that income will keep flowing into your bank accounts for the rest of your life and even if you die.
I have not discussed getting rich by Inheritance or Lottery winning because these factors are not in your control.

How to Become Rich in India?
Again the same answer as that of above. You will have to decide that weather you want to become rich by developing Active Income stream or by passive income stream. In my opinion, developing passive income streams is a smart idea to become rich.

How to Become Rich Fast?
The fastest way to become rich is – You own the Internet Business. There is no other way to become rich faster than owning the Internet Business. All the Technology Billionaires in this world became billionaires in their twenties and forties and all of them became rich fast because they owned the internet businesses. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page (Google), Bill Gates (Microsoft) are just the few examples of people who became rich fast by owning the internet businesses.

Lottery winning is another way to become rich fast. But well, its not in your control. So let us not discuss it.

How to Become Rich in Short Time?

Again the answer is – By Owning the Internet Business. It is only the Internet Business which has the potential to grow exponentially in a short period of time.

How to Become Rich in One Day?

The Best answers are Lottery Winning, Inheritance or Marry a Rich Spouse. But well, possibilities of getting rich by these ways is extremely rare. Otherwise there is no other way to become rich in one day. Even a Sports star, Actor or the Celebrity don’t get rich in one day. It takes time to get rich.

How to Become Rich in 10 Days?

Again it is possible only by Inheritance, Lottery winning or marrying a rich spouse.

How to Become Rich Online?

It’s simple. Develop your own Online Asset. It can be anything such as Website, blog, Facebook application, Forums, iPhone Applications, Gaming website or anything else. You can later on sell your online fortune to another buyer and get rich at single stroke. In fact, many internet entrepreneurs around the world have become rich by selling their online fortunes in their twenties and thirties and right now they are travelling the world and enjoying their life like anything.

I am sure that this article will be helpful to you to take a decisions about which path to choose. Kindly comment on this article and let me know your response about it.

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