Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do You Really Enjoy Your Life Style?Do You Really Enjoy Your Life Style?

Do You Really Enjoy Your Life Style?

I want to ask this question to high Income earning professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, IT Professionals and other such kind of High Income Professions. I am not talking about Life here. I am talking about Life Style.

I want to give you the example of my doctor friend who falls under high income group of people. His current life style is appealing to many people, This is because he owns a lot of high status things such as Luxurious cars, expensive clothes, branded watches and a membership in country clubs.

Now, What if I ask you that, Would you like to be like my doctor friend? Most of you will answer yes. Because everybody want to live a lifestyle like him right? But let us evaluate his inside working life and after that you decide that weather you want to live like him or not?

My Friend is Possessed by possessions. He works for luxurious things. He works hard to maintain his high status life style. He constantly needs to convince others of this success. In other words, He works to earn more to look rich and impress others.

If we talk about his net worth than he owns little stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Everything he own is ultra-fast depreciating things such as DVD Collections, Mobile phones, Branded Watches, Luxurious cars and expensive clothes. All of these things will depreciate in its price over the time.

Why don’t he think like Rich People? Why don’t he tell himself that, A Luxurious car will never give him a Dividend or Capital Gains or any other kind of Passive Income? This is because he want to prove himself a rich person in front of his friends and relatives.

Now, tell me that, Do you want to live thus kind of life style? The choice is yours…

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