Thursday, January 13, 2011

Average Millionaire Net Worth

What is the Average Millionaire Net Worth in USA?

There are around 100 Million Households in the USA and around 3.5 Million households in the USA are millionaire households. According to various studies, more than 90% of American Millionaires’ Net Worth is  between $ 1-10 Million.

And the rest 10% Millionaires’ net worth is above $ 10 Million.

Now, the surprising thing is that more than two thirds of millionaires are the first generation millionaires. This means that they have made this much amount of wealth in their own life time only. They have not received any inheritance.

This shows that making this much amount of wealth in a single generation is practically possible. Millionaires spend less and accumulate more wealth. They love assets like Stocks, Gold, Real Estate & Businesses. They love to Invest. Investment is their favourite activity.

If you start from scratch than also it is possible to build up to $ 10 Million of wealth in a single generation. The key of making Investments is that, you start investing early.

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