Monday, January 31, 2011

15 Hottest Actresses Busted With Erect Nipples

15 Hottest Actresses Busted With Erect Nipples

Packing tic tacs, smuggling peanuts, flashing high beams, pimping wingnuts – there are many names for this common yet captivating phenomenon. When a woman has prominently erect nipples clearly visible through her clothing, the room takes notice – whether with a stifled snigger or a lascivious leer. And when those women are actresses – babes with some of the hottest chassis on the planet – the whole world stops and stares. And who can blame us? We wonder whey these lovely ladies don’t take preventative action – but then that’d be spoiling the fun. Here are 15 of the best pokies on the planet.

15. Alicia Silverstone

With norks as noticeable as those little numbers it’s only natural Alicia Silverstone should have found she has a proclivity for packing peanuts. The former Batgirl is clearly pretty clueless when it comes to buying bras. Holy high beams, Batman!

14. Cameron Diaz

It’s Cameron cradling what’s near to her heart while looking almost as awestruck as Jay Leno’s studio audience. Perhaps the Hollywood star caught a glimpse of herself in one of the studio monitors. Still, she was asking for trouble wearing that blouse.

13. Drew Barrymore

What to do with you, Drew? The onetime wild child has said of breasts, “Men love them, and I love that,” and she once bared hers to David Letterman while on his show. If her nips then were anything like they are here, he’s lucky she didn’t blind him.

12. Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton’s here snapped walking down the aisle in a West Hollywood supermarket. What are you looking for, Mischa? You’ve already packing all the frozen peas you need. Perhaps the former O.C. star forgot where she put them.

11. Heather Graham

Here’s Heather Graham hoping we’re not noticing her hard nipples. Sorry Heather, gorgeous though your eyes are, it’s not our style. Heather’s no stranger to saucy roles, but this matches anything even Felicity Shagwell or Rollergirl could muster.

10. Alyson Hannigan

Gee whiz, Alyson, you’d better take out third-party insurance with that pair in your possession! The naturally flame-haired Buffy star may have made her name helping to vanquish vampires but she too could cause a fright with nips like these.

9. Julia Stiles

Next it’s Julia Stiles unintentionally pushing our buttons – by making us want to push hers. Either or both. TheBourne series star may have been born for the stage and silver screen but she’s also a natural in the art of putting pokies on show.

8. Pamela Anderson

Pammy once called her enlarged breasts “Pancho and Lefty”, and both of the boys are complicit in this case of thimbles on parade. Breasts implants clearly haven’t impacted on the ex-Baywatch star’s capacity to keep her nips on red alert.

7. Jessica Simpson

America’s favorite cow gal Jessica S shows she can cut it when engorged nips are needed just as she can when acting skills are called for (scratch the last part!). Or maybe she misplaced two of Boss Hog’s cigar butts while getting into her role as Daisy Duke.

6. Kelly Brook

Is the water just cold or is Kelly Brook pleased to see us? The sexy British centerfold isn’t renowned for her acting work, 2010’s Piranha 3-D notwithstanding, but it’s not only carnivorous fish that’d be tempted by a quick nibble on those.

5. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, she of the peachy rear, here puts her pert pappas through their paces by seeing if they can handle the Latin heat of a spot of peanut smuggling – in front of the waiting cameras too. How did they fare, customs officers? Three words: Out. Of. Sight.

4. Alyssa Milano

It’s sultry brunette Alyssa Milano flaunting some JCB starter buttons together with the boys. At least she looks happy about it. The former star of Who’s the Boss? has certainly charmed us and surely couldn’t remain romantically challenged for long.

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may have wished she really was the Invisible Woman when this shot was taken. Do we detect a hint of embarrassment in smile? Whatever. All her male fans wish they were Mr Fantastic, with the power to elongate their arms from wherever they’re taking in the view…

2. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is known as a serious actress, having starred in such quality fare as 21 Grams and King Kong, but more evident here is the seriously turned on state of her high beams – and as they say: “The larger the protrusion the brighter the beam.”

1. Jennifer Anniston

We’ll be honest – we were spoilt for choice with pics of Jennifer A sporting protruding nips. Here she is threatening to poke someone’s eye out on the set of The Bounty Hunter. Frozen peas in the Big Apple. A fruit and veggie store in the making.

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